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Workout Challenge of the Week: Circuit Superset

Here’s a fun set of circuits you can piggyback for a total body metabolic conditioning workout. Alternate the following circuits as a giant set superset, resting when necessary. Repeat the circuits 2-3 times depending on how much time you have. 

Circuit 1: Lower and Core– 1 minute on each exercise
a) loaded step ups, alternating legs
b) triceps power chop w/cable, alternating sides
c) walking goblet lunge
d) ab rollout 
Circuit 2: Upper + Energy System
a) pushup w/side rotation 6 each side (12 total)
b) bent over DB row 15
c) jumping jacks 100

The 25 Days of Festivus

It’s November already, time to start thinking about staying focused during the holiday season. This year, to stay on track, I’ve created a game to keep us motivated and accountable. 

Introducing… The 25 Days of Festivus! This is Elevation Kinetics’s simplest challenge yet. All you need to do is complete 25 workouts during the 31 days in December and you’ll win a t-shirt! The workouts can be anything– walk, run, hike, weights, yoga, court sports… anything active. The minimum amount of time required is 20 minutes. You can even count 2 in a day. This challenge starts December 1st and runs through December 31st.
The idea is to keep you on track, keep your stress levels in check, and get you through this holiday season without gaining tons of weight. Are you interested? Check out for more information or just register now. If you have any questions, shoot us an email at

The Travel 300: A Workout You Can Do Anywhere

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Stay Fit and Blow Off Some Steam ANYWHERE

Have you ever looked at your weekly calendar in despair, scanning for some time, any time, to get that quick workout in? When you factor in the commute to and from the gym it can be enough to turn your schedule against you. What if you’re traveling for work, on a vacation or visiting relatives? No space or equipment? No problem. This Travel 300 requires a space no bigger than the footprint of a twin bed and the only equipment you need is your body and gravity (excellent if you’re stuck in an elevator or jail cell).


Get it Done

The Travel 300 is an equipment free workout designed to get you moving and work your muscles. It’s not ideal on its own for prolonged periods of time, but it is a great supplement to a good program. Within the context of desperate times calling for desperate measures, I’m an advocate for the idea that some is better than none. The Travel 300 is definitely some, and it gets it DONE.


Keeping it Simple

This workout is comprised of 3 simple exercises. All you have to do is run through the 3 exercises without resting in between, then rest 15 seconds. Repeat that 10 times. Three exercises, 10 reps each, 10 sets = 300. Done. Here they are:

  1. High Plank to Low Plank
  2. Bird Dog Back Extension
  3. Burpees (with a pushup and a jump squat)


Breaking it Down

To break it down a little further, here’s some instruction on each exercise (I know many of you know all three of these…)

  1. High Plank to Low Plank:  Hold your body in a straight line in pushup position, with your weight on your hands and toes (or knees, to modify intensity), elbows directly below the shoulder joint, your eyes looking at the floor and your bellybutton pulled in. Lower yourself onto your forearms, pause, then press back up to your hands. Keep your hips and shoulders as level as possible through the movement.
  2. Bird Dog Back Extension: This starts on your hands and knees, with your knees stacked below your hips and your wrists under your elbows under your shoulders. Lift and lengthen your left arm so you’re pointing straight ahead, lift and lengthen your right leg so it’s pointed back. You’re balanced on one knee and the opposite hand. Stay as stable and level as possible while you alternate sides. That’s one.
  3. Burpee: This is the nickname for a squat thrust. Start standing, and bend down to touch the floor with your hands. Jump your feet back so you’re in a pushup position, DO a pushup, jump your feet forward, and jump up to a standing position, squatting after you land. That’s one.


If you keep moving with minimal rest, this workout should come in under 30 minutes. If you need pictures or video, let me know and I’ll get something up!