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In the News– Leaving the Safety Nets Behind






The Portland,
Oregon Based Trainer, A Former Women’s

Footballer and Current Weightlifting

Creates Individualized Programs Within

A Dynamic
Community Setting


            Growing up in New Hampshire, Kathy
Rogers was the proverbial overweight but active teenager who loved playing
sports. Whether she was playing field hockey or throwing discus in track and
field, she was the one huffing and puffing in the back, determined to keep up
despite her physical challenges. When she ran the 400 meter, her coach
attributed her success to her attitude – the same positive energy she brings to
her growing clientele as she builds Elevation Kinetics, the results based
personal training service she launched in 2011.

            Now in the best shape of her life
and living in Portland, Oregon, a continent away from “the family that loved to
feed me tons,” Rogers doesn’t just help her clients increase their energy,
improve sports performance, lose weight, increase muscle tone and feel better
in their body and lives via individualized programs. She inspires them to
“imagine a life where anything is possible,” where “if you can dream it, you
can do it” like she has.

            She got involved with weight
training early and at age 20, while attending Ashmead College (now Everest
College) in Oregon, she switched from education to fitness, earning an applied
practical two year degree so she could help people experience the accomplishment
of improving their lives through fitness every day. Embracing the outdoors
oriented lifestyle of the Pacific Northwest, Rogers began establishing herself
as a popular trainer while playing five seasons of women’s tackle football as
an inside linebacker on the Portland Shockwave Women’s Professional Football
team. Since retiring from football, she has spent the past few years carving
her physique to compete in Figure, a women’s division of bodybuilding.

            Not many trainers can say they
worked under a world renowned mentor for ten years, but Rogers launched her
professional career under the tutelage of Sherri McMillan, multiple award
winning owner of the facility Northwest Personal Training and Northwest Fitness
Education, who has presented hundreds of workshops to thousands of fitness
leaders throughout Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, England, Spain,
South America, Asia and the U.S. Rogers acknowledges that the powerful training
systems that McMillan has created for gyms all over the world as well as her
regional facilities in the Northwest are “built into my soul.”

at a certain point, even as she rose through the ranks of management, the
budding entrepreneur felt she had reached a plateau and longed to start her own
training business. Rogers, who had brought in and developed a huge clientele of
her own at Northwest, had held back from exploring her options for a time
because she felt her daughter was too young, and she 
didn’t want to take the

her daughter turned seven, she started working on her resume and met with local
trainers, gym and studio owners and bootcamp owners, interviewing them about
their lives and work to help her determine the next phase of her career. For a
time, Rogers was on the fence between working as an employee again at another
facility or starting her own studio – and as an independent contractor running
her own business at Peak Condition (whose 6,500 square foot facility has seven
other independent trainers), she has the best of both worlds. Owned by Paul
Collins, the gym is, as Rogers describes it, “bare bones, without a lot of
bells and whistles,” with a focus on clients, programs, space and functional
training equipment.

not a fancy gym, but it’s big, comfortable and has wonderful space utilization,
with high ceilings and big windows,” she says. “All the trainers work really
well together, bouncing ideas off each other and trading clients back and forth
when we take vacations. . “There’s no corporate agenda, so working there is
actually a lot of fun. We make a really cohesive team, but we are all
individuals running our own businesses. It’s kind of like a fitness version of
a farmer’s market, with all sorts of different vendors.”

Rogers first met with Collins in April 2011, he was in a small 1,300 square
foot space and was looking to pick up more “renters” so he could move into the
current, much larger spot. He had bought the studio from its previous owners
just a few years earlier and while rebranding, subsidized his lease by taking
on other trainers looking for a place to work with their private clientele.
During her three week vacation from Northwest Personal training, she joined
forces with the other trainers who signed on to work at Peak Condition and
helped gut the space (which had been a coffee shop), tear down rooms, put in
floors and paint.

in essence started her new venture with little money, but her love for her
clients and desire for them to succeed inspired many to buy higher quantities
of training from her upfront as a way to support her new venture. She
remembered a very important quote she once heard that inspired her. She doesn’t
know where it came from, but it became her mantra: “Real Entrepreneurs make the
jump without a safety net.”

was fearful,” she says, “being without a steady paycheck for the first time in
ten years and having no set time frames or structure. But fear turned out to be
a healthy thing because it motivated me to be successful and create
individualized programs that could help people get the results they desired.
The key was to get to the bottom of what made each individual tick, discover
their strengths and weaknesses in all areas and work with them to create a plan
of action for success.”

launched Elevation Kinetics in August 2011 with 12 clients for the first few
months, and quickly surpassed her goal of adding two new clients per month via
referral by family and friends of happy clients. While Northwest Personal
Training was strictly a women’s facility, Rogers for the first time enjoyed
working with a clientele that included a balance of men and women. Soon, she
built up her schedule and business structure to the point where she had so many
clients she could not train them all one on one, so she began doing semi
private training of more than one client at a time – the fulfillment of her
plan to fill up time slots and divide them.

small groups range from 3-5 members and she has found that clients are more
inclined to train with their friends and family members than strangers – leading
to another unique source of referrals. As a complement to that, some small
groups that start out with total strangers evolve into a positive support
system that cultivates friendships that extend outside the gym environment. –
even to the point where they go to movies together.

Rogers sits down with each client and creates individual plans based on his or
her fitness, nutrition and lifestyle goals, she recently ran (and will run
several more in 2014) a six week transformation program as a contest for her
clients, co-workers or anyone else who wants to participate.

within a “Biggest Loser” type scenario, there are different levels of both
fitness and nutrition, and Rogers has found that those who choose to
participate via the nutrition program are most likely to comply with the
program, depending on their chosen level (which varies, because an experienced
athlete won’t get the same results from a beginner’s program as a someone just
starting on their fitness journey with Rogers). Both the nutrition and training
programs are set up so people can work on their goals at home and at the gym.
Rogers is excited to see that her program—which has a cash reward
incentive—engages not only the participants but the larger community of
Elevation Kinetics’ Facebook page.   

start out with a dynamic warmup that’s specific for each person even if they’re
in a group setting,” she says, “and then we look at posture and corrective
exercises and create balanced workouts where we’re not just focused on one body
part that day, but the big picture. By doing that, they’re getting twice and
much pulling as pushing. It’s about total body movement, coordination and
agility – not just toning but improving functional athletic level and overall
movement patterns.

of what we do here at Elevation Kinetics carries over into our clients’ day to
day lives,” Rogers adds. “It’s not just about coming to the gym, working out
and then you’re done. The goal is the make the rest of the day better, and that
involves some real work in weight training, where everyone lifts weights every
time they come see me, and strength training. So there’s a lot of clunking
metal and noise, and clients working hard, going back and forth between heavy
and lighter resistance, hitting everything they need to when it comes to
agility and strength training.”

more than ever before in her ability not only to train but to build her
business, Rogers has her eye on eventually owning her own facility that would
rent space to other trainers – as much, she says, for the financial aspect as
the fact that she likes having people around her with varying lifestyles and

real excitement for me,” she says, “is seeing changes in people, even little
ones, not just in their body but in their attitude and day to day life. I get
to watch people grow and reach their goals all the time – and see the resulting
confidence and other positive effects that the improvement in fitness has on
them. There is nothing for rewarding to me than the simple notion of watching
people improve and knowing I played a part in that.”



Elevation Kinetics December Newsletter

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! We did, and then we went to Seattle for the marathon. Shawn hit his 4hour goal and did just great, and it was nice to get a change of scenery.
I have some really exciting programs that I want to share with you, so give this newsletter a look. I have my client of the month, Adriane, who’s a total rock star, the Saturday running club which is going great and we’re going to continue it in January, as well as a series of charity boot camps on Saturdays in January– I have the dates and times for you so you can mark them down and invite your friends. And we’ve got the 25 Days of Festivus going. If you’ve meant to register but haven’t yet, registration is still open and I’ll attach the link to your tracking sheets here too.
December is the fastest month of the year. If you don’t stop and breathe, you might miss it. I hope you’ll continue to treat your body well– feed it nutritiously and keep your stress levels to a minimum by exercising, sleeping, and continuing whatever meditative practices you enjoy. Take the time to enjoy yourself and appreciate what’s good. Reflect on the past year and look forward to the upcoming one.
I hope to hear from you this month!
P.S. Someone just asked me what I wanted for Christmas, and the only thing I could think of besides the 3-way roaster, steamer, slow cooker I’m getting is some nice testimonials from those of you that have had positive experiences working with me. If you would take a minute to leave a testimonial or review it would be a great gift. Here are a few links:
Thank you!
Client of the Month
Adriane HOOF!
Adriane came to meet with me last fall– she was 5 or 6 months pregnant and looking for a trainer to help her get the weight off after her baby was born. We started working together April 1st and she’s been chipping away at the body fat, which is great, but what’s remarkable is that in that time, with the little newborn and no sleep and going back to work (and all that business, you know) she has managed to not just show up and gut out her training sessions each week but also to keep her nutrition AWESOME, improve her strength and stamina, AND train for and finish the Portland Marathon in Oct
ober, and she did great. She’s an inspiration and I wanted to share her story to show you that where there’s a will, there’s a way. I’ll post another picture when she gets to her goal weight. I’ve been taking pictures every month, so there are way more, but these are (left to right) April, September, and December 2013.

Burn Off the Holiday Bulge
January Charity Boot Camp Series

Look at the boot camp fun!
This January we’ll be running an entire month-long series of boot camps for you to enjoy with your family and friends. These charity boot camps are a “pay-what-you-will” style, with the suggested donation of $5/person (as you know, nobody ever gets turned away). They’ll include dynamic warm-up, circuits, games, and drills, and a cool down with stretch. They’re family friendly, so bring everyone. We haven’t picked a charity yet (it might be the same one or different for each), so if you have any suggestions, send them my way.  

When: Saturdays in January at 11am
Where: Peak Condition Gym 2214 NE Oregon St Portland, OR 97232
Why: Because I said so

Please join us!
Run (or walk) with Us!
Free Running Group will continue in January!
That picture to the left is Shawn at the Seattle Marathon. 

Good news! We’re continuing our run (walk/jog) group through the winter. Please come out and run with us! This is a rough time of year for outdoor exercise, but any time spent outside is really healthy and it’s easier to get out with a group of friends. All levels are welcome. We plan different lengths routes that are easy to modify.

When: Saturdays (ongoing) at 10am
Where: Meet at Peak Condition Gym 2214 NE Oregon St Portland, OR 97232
Wear: Dress for the outside. When we’re running, the temps feel about 20* warmer, so dress in layers.
The 25 Days of Festivus: It’s not too late to register!
This challenge officially started December 1st, but I know there are a bunch of you who wanted to do it and haven’t registered yet. Good news: it’s not too late! I’m going to keep registration open all month, but I’m ordering the shirts next week and I’m not ordering extra, so if you want one of these amazing limited edition shirts (they are no joke) you’d better get yourself on board. If you get registered after I order, I’ll make sure you get a prize of equal value but it’s not going to be a limited edition Holy Awesome t shirt. 

if you’re already registered and haven’t downloaded the tracking sheets (or you just want to look at them)