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FBI Investigates Hacker Supposedly Behind Rockstar GTA 6 Leak

The FBI is reportedly investigating the hacker allegedly behind the Rockstar GTA 6 leak. The group behind the leak, known as Lapsus$, is believed to have hacked Uber and other large companies, including Rockstar. The hacker’s identity is doxed on a hacking website and his net worth has been estimated to be $14 million.

Lapsus$ Hacker Allegedly Responsible for Rockstar GTA 6 leak

A British teenager has been named as the leader of the Lapsus$ hacker group. The hacker group is suspected of leaking the game Rockstar GTA 6 to the public. It has previously hacked companies like Microsoft, Nvidia, and Okta. According to a BBC report, the hackers allegedly collected $14 million from their activities.

The hacker group is credited with leaking the source code for Rockstar’s upcoming game. The hacker, named Lapsus$, has been linked to a string of major hacks and attacks. The group has also breached companies like Microsoft, Nvidia, and Uber. While Rockstar has not officially confirmed that they are behind the leak, they have promised to release more details about the game in the coming months. The company has not yet given a date for the game’s release, but it has said that it will do so when the game is ready.

The FBI and US Department of Justice are investigating the Lapsus$ hacker allegedly behind the leak of Rockstar GTA 6. Uber said that the hacker is from the same group that targeted other major companies, including Samsung, Nvidia, and Microsoft. The company says it is working closely with law enforcement to find the perpetrators.

Group also Hacked Uber

The FBI is investigating a hacker allegedly responsible for the release of Grand Theft Auto VI gameplay videos online. The hacker was said to have stolen source code and posted the videos on YouTube and other websites. In addition to leaking the footage, the hacker is also believed to have broken into Uber’s systems.

While Uber and the FBI are investigating the hacker allegedly responsible for the leak, Rockstar Games has not commented on the matter. However, Uber said that it was working with the FBI and US Department of Justice in the investigation. The hacker is believed to be affiliated with a hacker group known as Lapsus$, which is linked to several other hacking attempts.

The hacker allegedly behind the GTA 6 leak is also believed to have targeted Uber, a ride-hailing service. The hacker, who is believed to be 16 years old, has also hacked Microsoft and Nvidia in the past. According to a blog post posted by Uber, the hacker is a member of a hacking group called Lapsus$.

White’s Identity Doxed on Hacking Website

A hacking website owner has revealed that the identity of a hacker behind a recent series of hacks is known as “White.” This 16-year-old hacker, from the United Kingdom, is connected to the cyber-criminal group Lapsus$. He was arrested earlier this year and banned from the Internet for a month.

A dox is an act of exposing someone’s identity or personal information by publishing it online. The act of doxing is often motivated by revenge or by an agenda. In some cases, the doxer will target a person’s political views or their stance on a controversial issue. Regardless of the motivation behind the dox, the results can be horrifying.

A hacker can dox an individual by publishing highly personal information about them. Information can include birth dates, social media profiles, and even photographs. The ultimate goal of doxing is to publicly shame the person, and hopefully ruin their reputation.

White has Accumulated $14 Million through Hacking

A cybercriminal group called Lapsus$ has raked in over $14 million by hacking major companies like Microsoft and Facebook. The members of Lapsus$ often brag about their breaches on their website. Recently, a teenager was revealed as one of the hackers in the group. The teenager, who attends a special educational school in Oxford, was identified on a hacker website. Since then, cyber-security researchers have tracked the teenager and linked him to the Lapsus$ group.

Hacker has Threatened to Release Source Code

A 16-year-old hacker has threatened to leak Rockstar GTA 6 source code. The hacker, whose name is not yet known, is known to have a history of stealing information. He lives in the United Kingdom and allegedly posted on forums that he wants to strike a deal with Rockstar Games.

The hacker claims to have stolen the GTA 5 and GTA 6 source code and is extorting Rockstar Games to release it. In exchange, he will sell the source code for tens of thousands of dollars. However, Rockstar Games and the FBI have not confirmed this.

The hacker has released about 90 GTA 5 clips and has made threats of releasing more information. He has also published his Telegram account and said that if they don’t give him a five-figure sum, he will sell the information. This hacker was able to contact Rockstar via a fake rockstar employee.

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