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Naughty Dog Could Be Working on Another Post-Apocalyptic Game Like the Last of Us

A new position posting proposes Wicked Canine is dealing with another dystopian title, or proceeding with work on its forthcoming Last of Us multiplayer game.
A new work presenting shows up on propose that Wicked Canine might be dealing with another dystopian game like the Remainder of Us, or that it requires extra staff to proceed with improvement of their impending multiplayer game. With more than 300 Round of the Year grants for the Remainder of Us Section 2, it’s nothing unexpected that the AAA studio would need to proceed with that pattern. While the gig posting doesn’t affirm one more the Remainder of Us title, it proposes that Shrewd Canine is searching for a craftsman with the abilities to create in-game resources for an AAA title.
The Remainder of Us series is famous among gamers for its rich narrating, which will before long be the subject of another HBO series. The Remainder of Us series has been commended for its interactivity and coarse dystopian climate. The new outcome of Occupant Detestable changes proposes that crowds are as yet hungry for dystopian style games.
As the Remainder of Us branches out into the universe of superior grade satellite television series, it’s a good idea that Insidious Canine would need to grow its arrangement of rich narrating, and important characters. While the gig posting doesn’t affirm a particular game, or game sort, it clarifies that the studio is dealing with something, and that it is looking for gifted game designers to partake in what is probable an enormous scope project.
Given the studio’s previous inclination for narrating we should rest assured an impending game will be something gamers will expect.

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