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Angry Overwatch 2 Fans Call for Boycott

Blizzard’s hero-shooter has enraged some Overwatch 2 fans, and as a result, they are urging their fellow players to avoid it.
Some Overwatch 2 players are requiring a blacklist of the game’s microtransactions. At the beginning of October, Overwatch 2 became available as a free-to-play early access game. With it came significant changes to Blizzard’s well-known hero-shooter. The Overwatch 2 community has appreciated some of these updates and additions, but others have been met with a lot of criticism.

The game’s shop is one of the biggest complaints about Overwatch 2. The Overwatch 2 shop is selling cosmetics at prices that many people think are too high. Some skins can cost as much as $20. There is even a cosmetic in Overwatch 2 that costs more than its real-world counterpart. Because they are accustomed to receiving free items from loot boxes, players of the original Overwatch have found the new game’s monetization particularly discouraging.
The launch of the Halloween Terror seasonal event put Overwatch 2’s monetization under even more scrutiny. Overwatch players used to be able to get a lot of seasonal cosmetics for free because of the game’s loot box system. However, in Overwatch 2, players now have to pay real money to get the new content. Some fans have called for a boycott as a result of their statements that they would be more willing to spend money in the Overwatch 2 shop if the prices were more reasonable and comparable to those of other free-to-play games.
Overwatch 2 skins priced at $20 have been called “aggressive” and “anti-consumer” in a well-liked post by Twitter user Dennes. The tweet has received over 17.8 thousand likes as of this writing, indicating that a large number of Overwatch 2 fans concur with Dennes that the skins ought to be boycotted. However, the number of people who are actually boycotting the Overwatch 2 cosmetics is unknown.
In response to criticism from fans, Blizzard may alter Overwatch 2’s monetization strategy. It appears that fans have been surveyed via email by Blizzard regarding the monetization of Overwatch 2, and the responses could be used to make significant adjustments. However, fans shouldn’t hold their breath until Blizzard actually makes changes public because it’s equally likely that the company will stick to its guns and maintain the current prices.

The game’s Halloween Terror event is coming to an end, and the hero-shooter should get plenty of new content in the near future, especially when Overwatch 2 Season 2 comes out.

Early access to Overwatch 2 is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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