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Back Desert: 7 Best PVE Classes

One of the most stunning MMORPGs ever released, Black Desert has content for both PVP and PVE, and these are some of the best classes for players who want to focus on PVE content. There is a lot of content and character classes to explore and level up in the game. There are currently 24 classes in Black Desert; Each one is made in a unique way to be different from the others. The most impressive feature of Black Desert is its flashy combat, which features amazing animations for each distinct skill and weapon type.
Each class has powerful elemental attacks and graceful strikes that can be combined to fight the monsters that populate the vast open world. Some classes perform better against NPCs in Black Desert as a result of the game’s split focus on PVP and PVE. The best PVE classes in Black Desert are listed below.
In Black Desert, the Valkyrie class is restricted to females only; The Valkyrie is a powerful striker who carries a shield and sword in its basic form. The Valkyrie’s basic form consists of broad, arcing slashing attacks with its blade and powerful bashes and throws with her shield, both of which also cast out waves of force to increase the attack range.

Players have the ability to awaken the Valkyrie, as they do with all classes in Black Desert, and gain access to her Lancia weapon. This weapon gives the Valkyrie a tower shield, a massive lance, wide-ranging attacks, and the ability to summon powerful light-based attacks that can hit large areas. Additionally, players have the option of following the Valkyrie’s succession tree and increasing the base weapon’s power.
In Black Desert, the Striker class is visceral and aggressive and focuses on hand-to-hand combat; The Striker’s base form consists of powerful bracer-based strikes and kicks; simultaneously, it makes use of its high mobility on the battlefield.
When the Striker class is equipped with Cestus, it gains access to extremely potent strikes resembling claws that weave intense flames for increased range. The Striker excels due to its quick attack speeds and the ability to halt and stun enemies to prevent them from moving. Additionally, the Striker is effective when directly in the mix and surrounded by a lot of enemies and is able to deal extremely high damage.
An arm-mounted crossbow is used by the Archer class to kill enemies from a great distance with a string of damaging projectiles. The Archer is able to move quickly around the battlefield and fire multiple bolt volleys that can deal a lot of damage to enemies who don’t know it and keep him mobile.

The greatbow is a composite weapon that can fire hard, light projectiles and summon phantom bolts to deal more damage when the archer is awakened. The Archer excels due to his fluidity and near-infinite range, which ensures his safety at all times and allows him to strike repeatedly at enemies.
When it comes to tackling the difficult material in Black Desert, the Nova is a very strong class. The tower shield and mace are included in the Nova’s base form; The Nova can be very aggressive when paired together, but it still has a lot of options for defense. In addition, the Nova employs the ice element in conjunction with her weapon combinations, allowing her to strike a large area with AOE attacks while simultaneously knocking enemies to the ground.

Finally, the Nova’s awakening completely alters the class’ capabilities, granting the Nova the ability to summon spectral blades to slash enemies and changing the weapon to one that resembles a rapier. The Nova is a great choice for PVE content and for new players in Black Desert due to its versatility.
Similar to the Wizard, the Sage is a mage who excels at long-range combat; The Sage, in contrast to the Wizard, possesses a unique form of magic analogous to gravity or space. His unique movement and crowd control abilities are made possible by the Sage’s special magic; The Sage can use his magic to compel enemies to retreat, construct a barrier to ward off attacks, or even construct a singularity that ensnares enemies and deals significant long-term damage.
His moveset is completely altered when the Sage awakens, giving him a lightning spear and making him a god of thunder; Enemies are impaled by the Sage’s magical energy spears, which cause chain lightning damage to large groups.
The Lahn is a great class that seemed to have come straight from a movie about martial arts; The Lahn uses a scarf with blades to whip around the battlefield, striking groups of people in quick, powerful circles. The Lahn also excels in her movement, performing a glide and an aerial dash that are exclusive to her class.

The Awakening of the Lahn gives her two crescent blades and sends her out onto the battlefield with spinning attacks that break up enemies, much like God of War or Heavenly Blade. The Lahn is an excellent choice for PVE content due to her impressive range, extremely high attack speed, and exceptional damage.
Although the Wizard and Witch classes have very similar movesets, their extensive ranged attacks and potent elemental spells make them ideal for PVP. The Spellcasters of Black Desert have access to Earth, Ice, and Fire, all of which can deal a lot of damage and knock down enemies at the same time.

The ways in which the classes awaken differ from one another; The Witch’s ability to summon elementals, combined with her elemental spells, increases the damage exponentially, while the Wizard’s awakening amplifies his already powerful elemental magic. Both the Wizard and the Witch are excellent for PVE content due to the amount of ground they can affect.

Black Desert Online is currently accessible on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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