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Modern Warfare 2: All 20 Intel Locations for Low Profile Spec Ops

The locations of each Intel fragment in Modern Warfare 2’s Low Profile are listed here.
Some Call of Duty players enjoy learning more about the history of beloved characters like Soap and Ghost, despite the fact that the majority of players only care about the multiplayer aspect of the games.

Special intel items from game developers like Treyarch and Infinity Ward have been placed in various game modes so that players can find them and learn more about these characters or events. In Clash Royale: Intel can be found in various Spec Ops missions in Modern Warfare 2 in the form of USB sticks, blue folders, crates, or audio logs.
In Low Profile, these are the 20 Intel fragments’ locations. Additionally, players will receive a trophy or achievement for finding twenty Intel items. Additionally, players will receive a calling card, emblem, and weapon skin for locating each of the fifty Intel items.
The first Intel drop is close to the B Target Site, which is shown on the map. The USB Stick Intel fragment can be found inside a structure with three arches on top of a table.
The second Intel Fragment is shaped like a crate, so players should now head to the roof of the same building.
The third Intel Fragment, shaped like a crate, can be found on top of a building’s roof north of the one before it (as shown on the map). A ladder on the building’s exterior can be used by players to get to the roof.

Now is the time for players to proceed to the bridge on the west side of the map, which is the one closest to the C Target Site. The fourth Intel Fragment can be found inside a small white truck that is shaped like a crate in the middle of the bridge. When collecting this Intel Fragment, players should exercise caution as there is a possibility of encountering an adversary Juggernaut, which is significantly more challenging to defeat than an armored unit.
After the bridge, where the fourth Intel Fragment was, the fifth Intel Fragment is inside a “W-shaped” building with a huge antenna on the roof. On the first floor, the USB Stick Intel Fragment can be found atop a computer-equipped table.
The sixth USB Stick Intel Fragment can be found on the same floor and within the same building. A laptop will be plugged into the Intel Fragment, which will be connected between two radios facing the set of stairs leading to the second floor.
Players should now move to the second floor of the same “W-shaped” building because the seventh Intel Fragment—an Audio Log—will be on top of a desk filled with a number of documents.
The building directly south of the “W-shaped” building contains the eighth Intel Fragment. The Audio Log Intel can be found in the kitchen on top of a cabinet.
The ninth Intel Fragment can be obtained by players within the same building, but they must go to the second floor. Players should look for a room with a laptop once they arrive because the Intel Fragment (a USB Stick) will be plugged into it.
The tenth Intel Fragment, which is an Audio Log, will be on top of a bedside table, so players should go to the room next to the ninth Intel Fragment they found.
Players will need a Desk Key, which can be found on top of a table with a large monitor in the same room as the tenth Intel Fragment, in order to access the eleventh Intel Fragment. A locked desk drawer can be found on the first floor of the building directly north of the “W-shaped” building. Players should then go there. With the Desk Key, players can open it and get the eleventh Intel Fragment (in the form of a folder).
Underwater, in the shape of a crate, can be found the twelfth Intel Fragment. The smaller bridge in the middle of the map (between the two larger bridges) must be approached by players. Players will need to jump into the water and swim west from that small bridge until they find a large opening between some rocks and ruins that faces the small island.
In that opening, the Intel Fragment is underwater. This area shares several similarities with some of the multiplayer maps currently available to players who enjoy playing multiplayer.
The following Intel Fragment can also be found underwater; however, in order for players to locate it, they will need to reach the tiny island. On the east side of the island, on the right side of a large building (marked on the map), players will find a small underwater cave. Inside the cave, the Intel Fragment crate can be found submerged.
Now, players should go to the A Target Site and look for a building that is right next to a bridge, which is marked on the map. On the building’s roof, you’ll find the fourteenth Intel Fragment, which looks like a crate.
Players must disable the C4 Traps before attempting to collect the following three Intel Fragments, which are located inside the A Target Building. Even if a player has a complete set of armor plates, if they trip one of the traps, they will be instantly taken out. On the first floor, in a room with two empty rocket launcher cases and a lot of bullets scattered about, the fifteenth Intel Fragment—a USB Stick—is discovered.
On a crate in the room adjacent to the previous one is the sixteenth Intel Fragment (Audio Log). It can be found next to a window that faces several silos.
On the second floor, in a room with a few vending machines, the seventeenth Intel Fragment (Audio Log) can be found.
The eighteenth Intel Fragment can now be obtained by traveling to the C Target Set by players. The Intel Fragment crate can be found on the roof of a building with a view of the small island, as shown on the map.
The nineteenth Intel Fragment can be found against a wall in the direction of the area where players can leave after completing the Spec Ops mission. Because it’s a little hard to see, players should wear Night Vision Goggles.
The final Intel Fragment, a crate, can only be accessed by parachuting from the top of a tower. Therefore, players ought to scale the tall radio tower near the A Target Site. Players should parachute toward the tower on the small island (marked on the map) from that point.

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