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Overwatch 2 Fans Upset at Blizzard’s Reasoning for Not Nerfing Sojourn

High-skilled Overwatch 2 players are disappointed that Sojourn, who has become a must-pick hero, will not be nerfed in the upcoming hero balance patch.
Overwatch 2 players of high skill are disappointed that Blizzard will not nerf the DPS hero Sojourn because lower-skilled players are less effective against her. Overwatch 2 Esports pros and other talented players have expressed dissatisfaction with the decision on social media as a result.

In Overwatch, the issue of hero balancing is contentious. When their favorite hero is given nerfs, nobody likes it. When you have to take into account changes that affect different skill levels, balancing is even more difficult. The distinction between “high-skilled” and “lower ranked” levels sometimes limits the amount of buffs or nerfs a hero can receive, a complaint that dates back to the original Overwatch. New Overwatch 2 hero Sojourn and her impact on the game at both levels are the subject of the most recent controversy.
Overwatch 2 developers discussed their ideas regarding who would receive buffs and nerfs in the upcoming November 15 Overwatch 2 hero balance patch during a Twitter Spaces discussion. Sojourn, a rising star on Overwatch esports teams and in the higher ranks of the Competitive ladder, was one notable absentee. Alec Dawson, Lead Hero Designer, claimed in a segment of a video that was making the rounds that the developers didn’t want to make changes at higher levels because doing so would make the character play much worse at lower levels. Some players were dissatisfied, and they made it clear that this was not what they wanted to hear.
Choosing hero balance changes based on pick rate and win rate percentages at particular skill levels is not liked by some Overwatch 2 players. Sojourn has movement ability cooldowns and a secondary fire ability with the potential to kill in one hit. She can charge quickly by firing a lot of shots and hitting glancing blows. Because of these abilities, Sojourn is a must-pick at higher levels and stagnates the metagame for professionals and high-level Overwatch 2 players. They’d like to see damage falloff distance changes for her rail gun and nerfs that extend the cooldown of her power slide.
In the meantime, the “lower ranked players” believe that the pros of the game are unfairly complaining that a small, vocal, and well-connected portion of the player base requests balance adjustments. Because they hit fewer of those secondary fire shots, these players don’t want to feel like they’re being punished. It is a delicate dance to try to accommodate both skill levels, and the balancing eventually leads to a cycle in which either side loses or wins, depending on how the Overwatch 2 player base adjusts to the changes.

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