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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Early Images of Fuecoco’s and Smoliv’s Evolutions Appear Alongside Paldean Tauros

The evolutions of Fuecoco and Smoliv, as well as one of the regional forms for Tauros, have been revealed in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks.
Online leaks of reliable Pokemon Scarlet and Violet showed the evolutions of Fuecoco and Smoliv as they took place in the overworld. The leaker also posted a screenshot of one of Tauros’ new regional forms fighting a trainer. Some fans were not expecting screenshots and images of the game to leak as early as 10 days before release, after a long and strange reveal cycle for Gen 9 games in which only 21 Pokemon were revealed prior to launch. However, early images of Gen 9 games are beginning to surface online, confirming numerous leaks from Riddler Khu and others over the past few months.
Since the person sharing the images chose Fuecoco as their starter Pokemon, it appears that fans of the fiery crocodile will get to see its final evolution first. This is probably just the beginning of a longer series of leaks. In point of fact, the images at hand only depict Fuecoco’s middle stage of evolution; however, it does possess the characteristics that Riddler Khu has described in recent months, such as a flaming egg on its head.
A Twitter account known as PearlEnthusiast, which has actively participated in the leak season leading up to November, posted the images. Smoliv’s first evolution, which has a more humanoid form and could be called Dolliv if the name stays the same in the English version of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which is likely to be the case, was the first image shared. The second image shows a Paldean Tauros attacking a Grimer; it appears that the trainer is Nemona, one of Gen 9’s rivals. Last but not least, the third image depicts what appears to be Crocalor, the middle stage of Fuecoco’s evolution.
Riddler Khu and other leakers had previously hinted that Dolliv’s traits would take on more human-like shapes and appear to abandon Smoliv’s signature expression of fear in favor of a more neutral one. According to the leaks, Paldean Tauros is also a black version of Kantonian Tauros. It is said to be one of three regional forms of the Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, and this one is said to be a pure Fighting-type. Crocalor appears to be the same size as Fuecoco, but it has grown a little in size and has a flaming egg on its head that looks like a sombrero hat.

The English name for Smoliv’s evolution, Dolliv, makes sense because it grows an extra olive on top of its head and looks more doll-like than its base form. Similarly, Fuecoco’s evolution into Crocalor fits in with the Pokemon’s overall theme because it keeps the crocodile suffix from its base form and switches from “fuego” to “calor,” both of which are Spanish words for “fire” and “heat.” Last but not least, the picture of Paldean Tauros is the least focused of the bunch, but it does look a little too much like Kantonia Tauros. If you’re interested in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you should keep an eye on Twitter for additional early reveals because more leaks could come in the next few hours.

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