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Skyrim: Broken Character Builds That Are A Lot Of Fun

Looking to complete Skyrim on Legendary quickly? These strategies aid players in dispatching dragons and draugr quickly.

There will come a time when Skyrim won’t offer much else to do but keep playing it over and over again. It is recommended to play the game on Legendary difficulty to increase the level of difficulty. However, due to the difficulty of that mode, players will need to modify their playstyles. Thankfully, players who want to waltz through Legendary have easy access to a treasure trove of information about Skyrim’s most powerful builds.

While they’re at it, Skyrim players might as well select the game’s most enjoyable builds. After all, almost everyone has played Bethesda’s ten-year-old game before. These tried-and-true Skyrim builds should make players want to frequent the Cloud District, despite the fact that they trivialize some of the game’s content and spice things up.

Sid Natividad, on November 2, 2022: Despite being more than a decade old, Skyrim continues to be popular. There are a lot of builds in the game that give players a lot of different ways to play as the Dragonborn, which shows how well it plays. Even though some of these Skyrim builds are overpowered or broken, they can still be enjoyable due to their peculiar gameplay style and variety. Skyrim builds are all fun and varied. Some overpowered character builds in Skyrim are still thematic and silly, in contrast to other role-playing games, where overpowered builds are all about dealing damage that is godlike.

One of the most recent builds in the game, the Princess of Dread from popular Skyrim build creator Fevvy, still powers through the content like a Daedric sword through melted butter. In case anyone is curious, the Daedric sword substitution was made with the intention of creating a dual-sword build first and foremost.

One of the most recent builds in the game, the Princess of Dread from popular Skyrim build creator Fevvy, still powers through the content like a Daedric sword through melted butter. In case anyone is curious, the Daedric sword substitution was made with the intention of creating a dual-sword build first and foremost.

Because players will need to use their smithing and crafting skills to their fullest, the beginning of this build can be a little tedious. They will be able to make some broken Daedric armor and weapons thanks to this. After that, you can simply cruise through the majority of the content while dual-slicing heads with the power attack. The Daedric Bow is mostly used as a backup weapon at distance.

Punch Cat is an unarmed Khajiit, as many players will have guessed. It makes use of the Khajiit’s racial benefit, which makes their power-wielding and calamity-wielding paws increase their unarmed damage. The build isn’t as strong as the Stealth Archer or other standards with higher min-maxes, but you can kill dragons like a karate cat in Skyrim.

As is always the case, a few items and some instructions make this build possible and at the very least viable. To make it work, players will need to wear heavy armor gloves or the Gloves of the Pugilist item.

Punch Cat builds have the problem of the fists falling off at high levels. Because of this, players will need to mix it up with spells like Illusion and Destruction. Enemies can be softened with destruction spells until they get close. Punch Cats will have a chance to shine as bar brawlers thanks to illusion spells like Mayhem. Other illusion spells are great for controlling a crowd.

The fact that virtually any build in Skyrim has the ability to become immortal by utilizing the crafting and potion-drinking features of the Alchemist skill tree is amusing. Players can create some broken interactions with potions and armor by utilizing the Alchemy skill tree in conjunction with the Smithing and Enchanting trees, which are all maxed out.

This kind of interaction is more of an abuse of the system than a build because it takes advantage of a glitch. The fundamental steps to take are outlined in the following.

Obtain Alchemist level 3, Physician, and Benefactor, and have an Alchemy level of at least 40.
Smithing and enchantment expertise are also recommended.
In Mortar and Pestle (Dawnstar), Frida is the first person to start the quest “Ring of Pure Mixtures.”
Steal Frida’s purse for the Ring of Mixtures.
Place the Fortify Alchemy enchantment on a ring, bracer, helmet, and necklace.
Use the Fortify Alchemy armor set that has been made.
Make a Fortify Restoration by going to an Alchemy Lab.
Consume the potion, then remain on the menu screen to remove the Fortify Alchemy armor set.
While the menu is still open, equip the Fortify Alchemy armor set once more.
After making yet another potion to Fortify Restoration, take the Fortify Alchemy armor set out of use.
The Fortify Alchemy armor set can be reequipped without the inventory menu being closed.
More than ten times, go through steps 9 and 10.
After that, the glitch ought to take effect.
Make a Fortify Smithing potion that should increase smithing by more than five million.
Consume the Smithing Fortify potion.
Players now have the ability to craft the best weapons and armor in the game thanks to an increase in the Smithing skill of more than five million percent.
This might work with other Fortify potions as well.
The player’s alchemist is now an immortal being with the game’s best items. However, players should keep in mind that as the bug spreads, Skyrim’s developers might learn about it and fix it in a subsequent update. However, this seems somewhat unlikely given that some Skyrim bugs and glitches have persisted for more than a decade.

The most common and well-liked overpowered Skyrim character build is probably the stealth archer. It focuses on using Archery and the broken Sneak skill tree to stealthily eliminate opponents.

This build can be used with almost any of the playable races in Skyrim. However, a Bosmer (Wood Elf) seems appropriate for roleplaying and gameplay that are more thematic. Simple play is used: shoot enemies while crouching and hiding. With a bow, aim for their heads. Sneak up on enemies and stab them with a dagger if they can’t be killed by one stealth arrow. Utilize Conjuration summons to prevent damage from being dealt to bosses and dragons. The Slow Time shout also works well as a last-minute combat backup.

Similar to the Stealth Archer, the Illusion Assassin is more melee-focused and makes more extensive use of the Illusion tree. After all, stealth daggers typically deal more damage than bows do.

Additionally, the gameplay is fairly straightforward. Players simply need to stab enemies by sneaking up on them. They can accomplish this with pride, and the Dark Brotherhood will be pleased!
To be fair, any race will do, but the High Elves benefit from their Illusion skill bonus more than any other race. In addition, High Elves always have an Illusion spell ready for use. Here, players will have to use power attacks to backstab enemies while using two daggers. Players can unleash Frenzy on an entire dungeon or a small area and allow the enemies to kill one another because they have invested heavily in Illusion. This makes sneaking around less time-consuming.
Despite their apparent simplicity, sword and board builds can be devastating while tanky with the right enchantments and combinations. People who are sick of sneaking around will love it.
Because they are the tallest race, High Elves are ideal here because they move at an unparalleled rate. Berserker Rage is a devastating racial skill that Orcs possess. In the meantime, Bretons’ inherent resistance to magic can be enhanced with other items, making them nearly invulnerable to it.
A Dunmer mage is unlike any other build in terms of pure magical destruction. They have a racial ability that increases their damage significantly, making them ideal for destruction spells.
As previously stated, Dark Elves deal more damage when their health reaches a certain threshold (50 percent or less). In order for the Dark Elf racial skill to work, players must keep their health at 50% for maximum damage. They can strengthen their health by using enchantments on their gear to mitigate the risks associated with this state of health.
The Vampire Necromancer is fairly straightforward. Players wander the streets at night, preying on ordinary people and inspiring their own followers to fight on their behalf.
Bretons benefit from a boost to Conjuration, and High Elves typically excel in magic.
The Orc werewolf is all about brutality and slaying everything, even dragons, with its machete. It gains health as it attacks and, given the right conditions, is nearly impossible to stop.
Because of their racial skill, Orcs can deal a lot more damage in melee. They take half damage and deal double damage for a minute with Berserker Rage. When combined with the werewolf transformation, it has brutal effects.
Before turning into a werewolf, players must remember to activate Dragon Aspect and consume some damage potions. Additionally, before destroying Nazeem and the Whiterun guards, they will need to turn on Berserker Rage.

The Fifth Elder Scrolls: Xbox One and Series X|S, Switch, PC, and Skyrim Special Edition are all available.

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